Bridges and Tunnels

Webcam FAQ

Having a Technical Problem?

Why do I get browser error messages when accessing the video?

This website requires your browser to have its default settings. If you are having problems, reapply the default settings and try again.

What should my Real Player and browser settings be?

MTA Bridges and Tunnels streaming video cameras require Real Player and its use with the default settings enabled. Your default internet browser must be JavaScript compatible.

Why can't I view the streaming video?

If the Real player logo in the center of the page appears, then you already have a Real Player installed. If not, you will need to download and install the player. If you do not have Real Player installed you will only be able to view still pictures.

Download Real Player Here.

How do I resolve firewall errors?

If you are accessing the video from work, your employer's firewall maybe blocking the streaming video. Your firewall administrator will need to open RTSP 554 port for streaming video.

Video Scene not available!

If you receive an error message that the stream is not available then the camera feed may be down because of maintenance.

How do I select a video scene?

Select and click on a camera icon by rolling a mouse pointer over the bridge or tunnel, and clicking on the view you would like to use. The text at the bottom of the video player should say, "Connecting", then "Buffering", prior to the video appearing. It can take up to 40 seconds for the video to load. After the scene is loaded, the video will automatically stop streaming after 5 minutes per camera. To reconnect, you will need to exit the website and then reconnect.